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Author: admin_dryutar

Corona lock-down stressing you out

Wherever you live in the world today, you are feeling the effects of COVID-19.  I am not saying you are actually infected physically but you are likely to know somebody or someone who knows someone who has been ill or possibly

winter blues

Avoid the winter blues

Even though we have passed the winter solstice, the nights are still long and in Joburg it feels like winter is only beginning to show us what it has to offer. Along with our icy Johannesburg weather it is that

Allergies, sinusitis and acupuncture

People, especially foreigners always rave about our South African weather – in fact according to many, Johannesburg probably has the most temperate weather in the country.  The down side of our moderate Johannesburg weather is our lack of humidity and

Testing for food intolerances

IGG food intolerance testing

Many of the patients I treat have a number of strange and vague symptoms that can often be related or somehow connected to a food or meal they generally eat.  To distinguish the problem food or foods can sometimes be

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