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Quit smoking with acupuncture

Dr Yutar runs a 3-week programme to help people quit smoking. It incorporates the use of acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine. These treatments assist people who are determined to quit by reducing the cravings and the severity of the withdrawals after quitting – which usually make quitting so difficult.

The programme includes one treatment per week depending on the severity of the addiction and the individual’s withdrawal symptoms.
Quit smoking programme
acupuncture quit smoking

At the first visit a case history will be taken, along with your vitals. You will then have a combination of ear and body acupuncture.

The ear pins will be left in until the next visit. The ear needles are not the same as the ones used on the rest of the body, they are covered with a flesh covered plaster and are not very noticeable. To assist you from visit to visit you will also get a homeopathic remedy and some Chinese herbal medicine.

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