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Electromagnetic field therapy

BEMER is an acronym and stands for “Bio  Electro Magnetic Energy- Regulation. It is a special type of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and represents a high-efficacy treatment for a large number of chronic ailments.

The Bemer gives excellent results in:

  • The treatment of persistent pain, depression and even hyperactive children.
  • Stimulation of wound and fracture healing; post-operative recovery
  • Treatment of degenerative ailments of joints and the spine
  • Treatment of fibromyalgia, rheumatism and arthritis
  • Treatment of migraines, headaches, tinnitus
  • Treatment of acute conditions as well as bacterial infections
  • Fast regeneration after competitions and sport injuries
  • Fast regeneration after exercise and used as pre-competition warm-up in sport
  • In dental medicine the calming BEMER therapy is now used in the waiting room and subsequently to shorten healing processes and reducing pain

Bemer therapy
Bemer therapy can be used in conjunction with all other medical treatments without harm but it does not replace the need for surgery and other conventional medical treatments.
Bemer supplies quality of life for a stressful lifestyle.

Bemer therapy represents a new emerging medicine, which will become main stream for reasons mentioned below. The revolutionary Bemer pulse developed by Prof Dr Wolf A Kafka of Germany represents a dramatic breakthrough in the efficacy of electromagnetic field therapy devices. Conventional devices make use of a sinusoidal, trapeze or rectangular wave shape pulse. The latter pulses are applied ailment-specific and as such these relatively simple pulses treat only a part of the organism. The Bemer pulse however, consists of a 2000 times broader spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies and treats the complete body at the same time irrespective of the indication. Specific frequency adjustments are unnecessary as the Bemer treats all cellular energy-related dysfunctions simultaneously.

By understanding the needs of the organism to balance and equalize all energy deficits wherever they may occur in the body, an effective bio electromagnetic energy regulation is achieved with the Bemer. Each organism strives to maintain life and health and to this end, a biological system has to maintain a continuously appropriate energy balance to maintain its functions and optimum performance.

The objective of biologically effective and supportive electromagnetic fields is to assist the enablement of regulation of the body’s health energy parameters.
The insufficiency of this energy balance over time results in chronic ailments and dysfunctions. In this case the organism is not able to muster sufficient self regulatory means to mobilise the immune system to fight and eliminate dysfunctions, biological intruders (such as bacteria and viruses) as well as all sorts of chronic ailments.

BEMER Therapy is thus not indication-oriented but supplies the organism with energy in a holistic fashion to enable the body to activate natural self-healing and self-regulating processes, irrespective of the particular indication. Even if an organ or function has deteriorated considerably due to illness, the energy supplied to the cells through the BEMER therapy will enable the cell functions to get back to strength and regain full performance.
A properly pulsed electromagnetic field interacts with the cells in such a way, that the cells are energetically enabled to do what they were meant to do in the first place.

The resulting physiological changes in the human body when subject to a pulsed electromagnetic field are reflected in:

• Improved macro and micro circulation
• Increase in partial oxygen pressure
• Improved blood characteristics in terms of oxygen carrying capacity and improved flow characteristics

In the end, these few physiological changes are the basis of improved cell-health with resultant better functioning of all organs. After all, chronic symptoms are but an outward sign of a group of cells under stress: lack of oxygen, lack of exercise, poor dietary habits and psychological stress, i.e. life-style!

Even 20 years ago the exact interaction of PEM Fields and the positive effect on health, vitality and performance was not well-known and a lot depended on pioneers that experimented and achieved good but inconsistent results. State of the art technology and new medical research has changed all that and as a consequence, today’s results due to PEMF Therapy are astounding to say the least.

Thousands of BEMER users all over the world and thousands of medical practitioners can confirm the effectiveness of this New Emerging Medicine. Non-invasive, easy to use and with no known side-effects BEMER therapy represents the breakthrough in electromagnetic treatment you have been waiting for.

The BEMER therapy can be used in conjunction with all other medical treatments without harm but it does of course not replace surgery and other conventional medical treatment.
BEMER treatments are available at Dr Yutar’s rooms. Treatments and consultations are done on an appointments basis.

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